Why do we need a workout plan, you ask? A workout plan gives you a framework so you don’t get stuck wondering what to do next or revert to the old cardio equipment. @G-13 our personalised workout plan will tell you which exercises exactly to do, on how many reps to complete, and how many sets to do, among other things.

We will make sure that everything will be set out clearly in front of you.

The workout plans we offer @G-13

Losing weight (shredding)

At one point in your life you’ve probably been browsing around the web looking for the finest bodybuilding forums or pages to look for inspiration. In this case, you may be well aware of the terms ‘shredding’ which also means to lose weight – it’s pretty straightforward and at any point in your fitness journey you will be aiming to either lose weight or build muscle.

We @G-13 are happy to guide you through a personalised losing weight/ shredding workout plan that helps you reach your goal with a free consultation. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Muscle growth (Bulking)

Aiming for that big muscle anatomy and bulking? Let’s first understand how it works.

After a workout, your body employs a biological process to repair or replace damaged muscle fibres by fusing muscle fibres together to generate new muscle protein strands called myofibrils. Muscle hypertrophy is caused by the thickening and numbering of these repaired myofibrils (growth). When the rate of muscle protein synthesis exceeds the rate of muscle protein breakdown, muscular growth occurs

@G-13 we know how hard it can be for some of us to gain muscle especially for an amateur in fitness. In order to do this our team of professionals will help plan and build a framework for your training and nutritional habits to coincide with your goals.

Coach, personal trainer, genius


Regular exercise and physical activities are essential to promote a healthy body and mindset. They’re natural mood lifters, keeping you physically fit and able.

We @G-13 understand that by staying active we are doing our best to keep our bodies healthy, but we strongly believe with some of our guidance and tips we can also improve your overall well-being.

Make a choice and we will be glad to assist you further. Look better, feel better with G-13.


It is a universal desire to have a strong, great physique. Seeing athletes’ and fitness models’ rippling, toned bodies may make having a muscular build seem unachievable. We believe that anyone can enhance their physique, as well as their fitness and overall health, by starting a controlled resistance training plan and eating the right foods.

@G-13 we offer a variety of personalised guides to help you achieve the lean/muscular body you want!


Did you know that with only 20-30 minutes of strength sessions a week you can make some significant health benefits including increase in your muscle mass, joint flexibility, weight control and balance?

As people become older, their muscular mass gradually declines, but strength training can assist to counteract this trend. Strength training boosts bone density and lowers fracture risk. Strength training also keeps joints flexible and can help with arthritis symptoms.

If you’re down for a challenge one of our spartan members @G-13 will be glad to assist you.

Spartan race

Spartan races can be challenging for some and for others it’s a walk in the park. But don’t leave yourself there, try a new challenge. We recommend our clients to give the spartan race a try because we know you’ll love it just as much as we do.

@G-13 we set targets but never limit ourselves to just do bench presses. We offer plans to help you overcome obstacles, challenge you and push you to the next level. Spartan races vary from half marathon hikes to spartan obstacle course races (which can be more challenging than you think and fun at the same time) whatever the challenge is, we at G-13 have you covered.

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