Trec Nutrition W.I.S.T Whey Concentrate

W.I.S.T Whey – Trec Nutrition is ideal for muscle recovery and building, but also for building lean mass, thanks to its low carbohydrate and fat content.


W.I.S.T. WHEY PROTEIN CONCENTRATE is a high protein food supplement (over 70% protein in 100 g of the product) based on wholesome whey proteins selected from milk. W.I.S.T. WHEY PROTEIN CONCENTRATE may supplement or diversify the sources of protein, which contributes to the maintenance muscle mass. W.I.S.T. WHEY PROTEIN CONCENTRATE is a protein product especially recommended for people with increased protein requirements (e.g. athletes).

Recommended daily portion is 90 g.

Weight 0.690 kg

Cookies, Wild Strawberry, Vanilla

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