Trec Nutrition BCAA G-Force 300g

– Innovative BCAA and L-glutamine matrix
– Complex assistance for muscles
– High amino acid concentration


BCAA G-FORCE is an optimally balanced composition of branched chain amino acids: L-Leucine, L-Valine and L-Isoleucine enhanced with a large dose of micronized L-Glutamine. The ingredients intensify anabolic (structuring) processes, thus contributing to quick lean muscle mass gain. BCAAs and L-Glutamine show exceptionally strong anticatabolic effects, which translate to significantly accelerated muscle regeneration. BCAA G-FORCE increases your strength and endurance during a hard and long-lasting workout, it also prevents the signs of fatigue and overtraining.

Regardless how often you exercise, your muscles need additional support and protection. Treat supplements with the same professional attitude as you do each training session. Make sure your muscles regenerate fully by supplying them with nutrients essential for growth! We present an improved formula of the matrix of amino acids essential during exercise. BCAA G-FORCE is a unique universal formula combining the advantages of branched-chain amino acid (BCAA) and L-glutamine supplements. BCAA G-FORCE is now available in convenient KING SIZE capsules!


BCAA G-FORCE is an exceptionally effective formula which comprehensively supports muscle growth and regeneration. The combination of the most important amino acids with powerful anabolic and anti-catabolic properties in a single product comprehensively stimulates the synthesis of muscle proteins and inhibits their degradation during prolonged and intensive exercise. BCAA G-FORCE increases the nitrogen balance in muscle cells, as well as the secretion of the most important anabolic hormones. Regular use accelerates building high quality muscle mass, and contributes to improving all exercise parameters. BCAA G-FORCE reduces symptoms of tiredness, inhibits the degradation of muscle proteins, and prevents overtraining, regardless of the sports discipline.


BCAA G-FORCE contains high doses of branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) and L-glutamine, which together constitute almost 70% dry muscle mass. Adequate supply of L-leucine, L-isoleucine, L-valine and L-glutamine is a key factor in effective regeneration. These 4 extremely important amino acids enable muscles to continually adapt to increasing levels of exercise. Numerous scientific studies suggest that the most effective supplementation is provided by free BCAA and L-glutamine amino acids. When they are administered in a pure form, the body doesn’t waste time digesting them, so they reach muscles almost immediately, where they actively stimulate growth processes. BCAA G-FORCE is a formula combining only crystalline pure branched-chain amino acids and micronized L-glutamine. Using the highest quality raw materials guarantees maximum absorption and bioavailability, and fast action.


Branch-chained amino acids contained in BCAA G-FORCE are an exceptionally important nutrient helping maintain high intensity of exercise. During intensive exercise, levels of energy substrates gradually decrease. After glucose supplies are exhausted, catabolic processes leading to the reduction of branched-chain amino acids responsible for building muscle are intensified. Supplementation with BCAAs not only protects muscle proteins against degradation, but also increases energy levels. BCAA G-FORCE improves efficiency, increases muscle power reserves, and inhibits negative effects of catabolic processes, allowing you to train longer and harder.


BCAA G-FORCE is a formula which significantly speeds up full regeneration following exercise. Free branched-chain amino acids and L-glutamine, taken directly after training, immediately initiate a cascade of processes leading to the regeneration of muscle microinjuries that arise during exercise. BCAA G-FORCE instantly inhibits post-exercise catabolism, and by delivering essential building materials it creates optimal conditions for anabolic processes. BCAA G-FORCE instantly stimulates the synthesis of muscle proteins, resulting in fast regeneration and stable growth of pure muscle mass.


BCAA G-FORCE is a universal matrix of amino acids recommended for all athletes, especially those practicing power, power and speed, and endurance disciplines. It enhances the development of basic exercise parameters and improves the body’s regeneration. Used prior to exercise it protects against catabolism and increases the body’s energy reserves, and taken afterwards it intensively stimulates growth and regeneration of muscle fibres.


Lemon-Grapefruit, Orange

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