R-WEILER Focus Drink Zero - 330 ml


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Stay focused1 for a long time! Get extra energy2, which will allow you to work at full capacity during a busy day at work. Tackle the feeling mental and physical fatigue just as it rears its head and boost your intellectual abilities3 with R-WEILER® Focus Drink Zero! It’s a dietary supplement in the form of a delicious carbonated drink – ideal for people who study, do mentally taxing work, office workers, programmers, gamers and athletes.

Small, handy can, high quality active ingredients with scientifically proven effects, low energy value (just 3 kcal per 330 ml!), no sugar, fat or salt. Plus, the delicious, refreshing taste of an energy drink – take advantage of your new ally in the fight against fatigue – R-WEILER® Focus Drink Zero!

This  Olimp Sport Nutrition product is a well-thought-out composition of active ingredients in appropriately selected proportions. The composition of the dietary supplement, which was developed by a group of experienced scientists from the modern Research and Development Centre of the pharmaceutical company, Olimp Laboratories, contains: green tea leaf extract – Matcha, which supports concentration, natural caffeine (from green coffee beans), magnesium and vitamin B6 – exerting a positive effect on the nervous system: It is complemented by N-Acetyl-L-tyrosine, a well-known precursor of the neurotransmitters – dopamine and noradrenaline.

Stay focused and show your potential! Awaken the beast in you! Reach for R-WEILER® Focus Drink Zero and leave your competition behindGet help in the form of:

  • extra energy from nature (matcha green tea extract)
  • specific increased alertness4 and improved concentration5 (caffeine)
  • increase endurance during training6 (caffeine)
  • reduced perceived exertion (RPE) during exercise7 (caffeine)
  • proper functioning of the nervous system (vitamin B6, magnesium)
  • maintaining proper energy metabolism (vitamin B6, magnesium)
  • reduction of fatigue and tiredness (vitamin B6)
  • maintenance of proper psychological functions (vitamin B6, magnesium)

R-WEILER® Focus Drink Zero guarantees:

  • the improved focus and concentration you expect (caffeine)!
  • extra energy (matcha green tea extract)!
  • low calorie intake – 3 kcal per 330 ml
  • zero sugar, fat or salt
  • the delicious, refreshing taste of an energy drink
  • aid always at hand – the small, handy can (330 ml) can be easily stowed in your bag or backpack
  • a safe dietary supplement made with high quality, tested active ingredients
  • a carbonated drink with a wide range of uses. Particularly recommended for people with mentally taxing jobs, students, drivers, gamers, amateur and professional athletes
  • suitable for vegans and vegetarians 
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