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L-Glutamine from Protein.Buzz is made of powdered amino acid conditional essential free of carbohydrates. The protein promotes the growth and maintenance of muscle mass. L-glutamine is obtained from protein. It is an element that is also generated in the body, but under conditions of intense training the supply of glutamine should be increased to promote physical performance, muscle building and delay the onset of symptoms of fatigue. L-Glutamine from Protein.Buzz comes in as unflavoured powder making it possible to combine with other supplements such as mass gainers or isotonic products. It is recommended to take 2 doses per day, 1 before and 1 after training.

Glutamine is a nonessential or conditionally essential amino acid which function is to carry the nitrogenous groups. L-glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in freeform in the blood and muscle tissue. This element is an amino acid having nitrogen, so it is a good nitrogen source and its synthesis process reduces ammonia levels. Glutamine is part of the proteins and is directly related the level of free glutamine in the muscles and anabolism properties because it modulates cellular hydration and increases the synthesis of the growth hormone.

L-Glutamine from Protein.Buzz also provides energy to the cells of the immune system and cells of the intestinal mucosa, neutralizing the acidity of muscles and helping to generate glucosamine. It is a supplement that is used by athletes because its consumption is much higher than its synthesis. In the training period, the glutamine level decreases, reaching the lowest level 90 minutes after starting the training. During the period of effort glutamine is also used as an energy source and provides protection to the muscles from protein catabolism due to prolonged workouts or during periods of forced rest or immobilization. L-Glutamine from Protein.Buzz also improves the function of mental alertness, mood and memory. It has ergogenic effects, because it reduces recovery time after exercise and promotes increased muscle mass, achieving a higher volume. Furthermore it hydrates cells and stimulates protein synthesis and glycogen synthesis.

It also improves performance by reducing muscle fatigue and acidosis during training. It also minimizes the process of muscle catabolism in sports prone to a huge muscle breakdown, and stimulates the immune system. It reduces symptoms of overtraining. In periods of injury or forced immobilization L-Glutamine from Protein.Buzz also acts as an anti-catabolic agent. It optimizes the antioxidant capacity of the organism in stress scenarios or illness and rehydrates cells thus favoring the absorption of water and electrolytes.


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