Lab One Deep Sleep 75 Caps

N°1 Deep SLEEP is a dietary supplement improving the quality of sleep and supporting the emotional balance. The product aids the body in times of psychological, nervous tension and anxiety, improving the tolerance of the body to stress. The preparation promotes optimum relaxation, making you feel physically and mentally better. N°1 Deep SLEEP is recommended particularly to those who are struggling with stress and sleep problems.


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Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera):

  • improves the tolerance of the body to stress,
  • enables the restoration of health in the body after stressful situations,
  • shows adaptogenic activity,
  • promotes the maintenance of emotional balance and a general feeling of being well,
  • supports psychological functions in elderly people,
  • supports memory and facilitates learning,
  • helps maintain energy,
  • protects the body by its anti-oxidative effect,
  • enables the maintenance of skin, cardiovascular system and respiratory system health,
  • aids sexual functions in men,
  • helps maintain the health of the reproductive system in women.


  • helps maintain normal psychological functions,
  • promotes a reduction in a feeling of fatigue,
  • helps keep teeth and bones healthy,
  • aids the maintenance of electrolyte balance,
  • promotes the maintenance of good energy metabolism.


  • has a positive impact on mood,
  • aids night’s body regeneration,
  • helps facilitate falling asleep


  • aids natural sleep,
  • has a relaxing effect
  • aids concentration,

Purple passionflower extract:

  • has a positive impact on the nervous system,
  • encourages falling asleep,
  • shows a calming effect
  • induces a state of calmness by reducing psychomotor agitation,
  • improves the tolerance of the body to stress, helps to go to restful/peaceful sleep.


  • enables a better use of the active substances by the body
  • promotes the proper functioning of the immune system,
  • participates in the cell division process,
  • aids the proper synthesis of protein,
  • helps keep bones healthy,
  • helps maintain normal fertility and reproductive functions,
  • promotes the maintenance of good metabolism of fatty acids.


  • reduces difficulty falling asleep,
  • reduces subjective feelings of jet lag.
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