King's Salt


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  • VITAMIN B12 and MINERALS NATURAL SUPPLEMENT in 53% of content. Vit B12 0.75mg(30%),Potassium 1174mg(62%),Iodine 115mg(78%) plus another 7minerals. From curative brines and mineral waters in Europe
  • OVER 40 HEALTH BENEFITS: Rebuild your best self and love your figure. Think with unrivalled creativity. Rebalance, hydrate and revitalise the inner you. Enjoy senior life the natural way with a smile
  • SUPPORTS INTERMITTENT FASTING, HYDRATION OF THE BODY, WEIGHT LOSS, LOW SODIUM, NOURISHING DIET. Alkaline PH 8.6. No artificial additives. Recommended from 2y child to 120y senior.
  • DELICIOUS and ECONOMIC for COOKING and SEASONING low sodium alternative for sea, Himalayan or table salt. King’s Salt has twice the salt taste, you can use 2times less salt in your diet.
  • REPLACE YOUR SALT FOR KING’S SALT, the healthiest salt in the world, and contribute to the health and wellbeing of yourself and others you really care about.
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