–  Nine Protein Sources
– Nitrogen Timed Drip Driver Technology
– Timed Protein Delivery
– Quad Carbohydrate Driver Technology
– 24g of Protein per serving
– Combination & Timing


Probably the world’s most diverse pool of amino acids in one delicious shake.
SYNERGY-9 is a pioneering development in time releasing and sustainable positive nitrogen delivery drip fed into your blood stream, yielding a full and dynamic spectrum of essential and non-essential amino acids from nine different protein sources. Protein derived from both dairy and non-dairy offering slow, medium & fast ratio of protein synthesis. Synergy-9 was developed to help create the ultimate muscle building effect, period.We strongly believe that this wide group of protein sources offer an athlete a complete spectrum of amino acids in one drink. Can be consumed at any time of the day, helping support a positive nitrogen balance during the time/hours of each protein release into the blood stream. Nitrogen Timed Drip Driver Technology™.Quad Carbohydrate Driver Technology™ – A MUST IN TOMORROW’S NUTRITION. A ratio of carbohydrates to protein stimulates delivery and uptake of protein synthesis. With a sustained ratio of both low and high glycemic index carbohydrates, the uptake of protein/nitrogen delivery will be increased by the combination of both protein and carbs together, aided by increasing insulin sensitivity. Fitness Culture, and many other leading health professionals, believe this will help ensure a more positive metabolic nitrogen output, leading to quicker muscle recovery and tissue repair. Alongside the nine protein sources available, we have put together a sustained range of carbohydrates which consist of: maltodextrin, micronised fine oats, sweet potato powder and white rice powder. This product has been designed to help those trying to achieve positive results in the areas of increasing strength and power output and gaining lean muscle mass.


We recommend using this product in line with a healthy diet and training regime. We recommend using 2 to 3 servings per day, 4 hours apart to help maintain a positive metabolic nitrogen balance. Mix one and a half (1.5) scoops (44g) with 400ml of chilled water in your fitness culture shaker cup and consume within 15 minutes of mixing powder content with water.


Serving size: 44g, One and a half scoops.
Servings per container: 45

Amount Per 44g serving Per 100g
Energy KJ/Kcals 742/176 1648/400
Fat 4.3g 9.8g
– of which saturates 1.2g 2.8g
Carbohydrates 9.9g 22.5g
– of which fibre 2.2g 5g
– of which sugars 2.6g 3.6g
Protein 24g 54g
Sodium 135mg 300mg


Nitrogen Timed Drip Driver Technology™, Protein blend consisting of nine protein sources which are: Whey protein concentrate (milk), whey protein isolate (milk), whey protein hydrolysate (milk), micellar casein (milk), milk protein concentrate (milk), milk protein isolate (milk), hemp protein concentrate, rice protein isolate, alfalfa protein concentrate. Quad Carbohydrate Driver Technology™, carbohydrate blend consisting of four carbohydrate sources which are: maltodextrin, micronised fine oats, sweet potato powder and white rice powder. Cocoa powder (for chocolate flavour. See below for other flavours) , colour n/a, xanthan gum (1%), sweetener (sucralose 0.2%).
Strawberry flavouring, colour – beetroot red. 3: Banana flavour, colour – quinoline yellow (may have adverse effect on activity and attention in children. 4: Vanilla flavouring, colour n/a

Allergens in bold

Weight 2.245 kg

Tropical Banana, Vanilla Ice Cream, Swiss Chocolate

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