Fitness Culture Amino Energy 150g

– Blend of BCAAs & EAAs
– Assist muscle recovery
– Increase energy & focus
– Added caffeine


Essential Amino Energise

Fitnesss Culture are pleased to introduce our fully transparent / disclosed blend of combined EAAs & BCAAs. We believe this product will help maximise muscle recovery and help increase energy and focus with our carefully selected choice of amino ingredients and added 110mg of caffeine per serving.

We have tailored Essential Amino Energise to be ideal for all gym users – from beginners right through to professional athletes. If you are looking for a great essential amino acid delivery system with some added energy to help push you through your workout, then look no further.

Essential Amino Energise will help support:
– Essential amino acid delivery with EAAs & BCAAs (essential amino acids & branch chain amino acids)
– Nitric oxide synthesis
– Recovery and repair
– Energy output with added caffeine


Mix 1 scoop (10g) with 300ml of chilled water and shake well in your shaker. To vary the strength of the flavour, change the amount of water used. We recommend starting with 300ml initially and adjusting to suit your taste – add less water for a stronger taste and more water for a less rich flavour.

We recommend one serving daily, preferably before or during training. On non-training days, we recommend a mid-day serving.


Serving size: 10g
Servings per container: 15

Amount Per 10g serving
Energy KJ/Kcals 10
Carbohydrates 2g
Sugar 0.5g
Amino Acids
L-Glutamine 1500mg
L-Arginine 500mg
Taurine 500mg
Glycine 500mg
Beta-Alanine 350mg
L-Tyrosine 250mg
L-Histidine 200mg
L-Lysine 200mg
L-Leucine 1000mg
L-Isoleucine 500mg
L-Valine 500mg
Total Aminos 6000mg
Caffeine 110mg
Green Tea Extract 110mg
Green Coffee Extract 30mg
Vitamin C 30mg


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Other Ingredients: citric acid, malic acid, flavouring, maltodextrin, sweetener (sucralose), silicon dioxide, soy lecithin.


Blue Raspberry

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