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When was the last time you thought about your gut flora? Maybe never? Many fail to realize that your gut flora plays many vital roles in the body, such as immunity, digestion, and overall health. If one of those aspects isn’t fully optimized, it can lead to health issues, sickness, and poor digestion.

Why is this all important? It’s simple. Your gut flora is a significant factor when it comes to the health of your immune system. It helps destroy pathogens that enter the system and could potentially do harm.

In addition, by improving your digestion, you can better break down and utilize the nutrients you consume throughout the day. Better digestion and absorption can help shuttle key nutrients out to the muscles to help improve recovery and muscle growth. If you’re not able to fully break down the food you consume, it can get passed through and wasted.


Evogen Nutrition Probiotic D.R. 30 is the ultimate gut flora optimizer to check all the boxes mentioned above. While containing 30 Bil CFU, Probiotic D.R. 30 also utilizes patented DE111 that has been clinically tested and shown to support immune health and improve digestion.

Probiotic D.R. 30 also includes inulin, a dietary fiber that can improve gut health, help you feel satiated throughout the day, and slows digestion.

The benefits associated with Probiotic D.R. 30 are vast. Not only do you get to improve digestion and immunity, but the precise formula also aids with weight management and blood sugar control thanks to the ability to improve the health of your gut microbiome.

Evogen Nutrition Probiotic D.R. 30 is the perfect addition to your daily supplement regimen. Whether you’re on a bulk or cut, Probiotic D.R. 30 can help you stay healthy, stay protected, and see the results you demand from your training.

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