C4 Energy Original Pre-Workout

  • Updated 4th generation C4 better than ever before
  • Intense energy and focus
  • Heightened endurance and strength
  • Powerful pumps for improved performance
  • Hugely increases motivation for workouts
  • Incorporates theacrine, a caffeine like compound with positive stimulatory and mood enhancing effects
  • Mixes easily and tastes great


Cellucor’s C4 pre-workout is now in its fourth iteration and this latest version is without doubt the best. The ingredients list is impressive and should provide serious energy, focus, pumps and endurance, as well as offering a mild strength increase in the form of 1g of creatine.

Of particular interest is TeaCore, which is a form of theacrine. Theacrine as an ingredient is relatively new to the supplement world, and has been linked to a range of benefits. These include reduced inflammation and improved mood, but the research for this is somewhaqt limited. The main benefit of Theacrine as far as athletes are concerned is that it has been shown to seriously increase energy levels. Most pre-workouts rely on caffeine alone for providing energy but C4 uses theacrine synergistically with caffeine for energy levels above and beyond that which can be achieved with caffeine alone.

Overall, C4 should deliver potent energy enhancing effects unlike pretty much any other pre-workout around today. Cellucor products never disappoint and it looks like they’ve delivered once again with C4.


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