Microencapsulation technology using lipids, i.e. a plant matrix of fatty acids

This is a specialized technological treatment that allows for safe placement of microorganisms in the capsule and their simultaneous protection against excessive action of factors occurring in our body, e.g. hydrochloric acid, enzymes. Thanks to this, a larger amount of bacteria reaches the lumen of the intestine, which allows for faster and more satisfactory results.


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10 bacterial strains

BestBiotic contributes to improving well-being, digestive processes, increasing gastrointestinal comfort, better and more effective regeneration, reducing allergic symptoms and regulating intestinal peristalsis. Individual strains of bacteria are characterized by a wide spectrum of activity.

30 billion cells in each capsule

BestBiotic is a guarantee of quick effects and many health benefits. Most probiotics on the market cannot match the number of colony-forming units. The presence of 30 billion bacteria in one capsule meets the requirements of the body and digestive tract in terms of regulating the work of the intestines and stomach, alleviating inflammation in these areas and the well-being that comes from the intestines.

DR Caps encapsulation

It is an innovative method of encapsulation based on the hypromellose matrix, which allows for prolonged release of the capsule ingredients. In addition, the HPMC structure protects the contents of the capsule against the damaging effects of gastric juice and enzymes, which results in a higher survival rate of bacteria, and thus a better effect and more health benefits. Most commercially available probiotic preparations already on store shelves contain more than half of dead bacteria, which do not provide health benefits. There is no such possibility in the BestBiotic product.

Presence of Lactobacillus rhamnosus strain

This particular bacterial strain is currently the most researched type of bacteria in the world in terms of health-promoting properties. So it could not be missing in the BestBiotic product. Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG, together with other well-tested strains, is a comprehensive probiotic that will protect the body against inflammatory factors in the form of high levels of stress, improper diet and psycho-physical load or numerous anti-inflammatory drugs.

BestBiotic – safety

BestBiotic is characterized by a high degree of safety. Due to the numerous gastrointestinal problems, this product does not contain a prebiotic (bacterial medium) that could worsen the symptoms of gastrointestinal disorders.

Inflammatory conditions that may preclude the use of probiotic preparations include:
Treatment with immunosuppressive drugs,
Anticancer treatment,
Presence of AP (Acute Pancreatitis).

Some functional disorders of the intestines may also be more pronounced when using probiotics. One such condition may be an overgrowth of bacterial flora into the small intestine, or SIBO. If you are unsure, it is worth consulting a specialist doctor, often a gastroenterologist.

The exact composition and amount of bacterial strains contained in the BestBiotic probiotic can be found in the “Composition” tab. Instructions on the dosage of BestBiotic can be found in the “Dosage” tab.

BestBiotic – storage tips

Any probiotics, including BestBiotic, should not be stored in bottles or other containers. There is a risk of moisture getting inside the capsules, which may result in the death of probiotic bacteria and the ineffectiveness of the preparation. Bacterial cells are highly sensitive to moisture.

We suggest storing the probiotic in blisters, i.e. specialized plastic (transparent) packaging, which allows you to keep the amount of bacteria in the capsule until it is consumed.

BestBiotic – summary

The innovative composition of probiotic bacteria contained in the BestBiotic supplement is an investment in health at the intestinal level and more. It also protects the body in terms of properly occurring metabolic and digestive processes, improves well-being and motivation, as well as supports daily prevention in many cases of inflammation.

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