All Nutrition Carbo Multi Max

Carbo has no specific time of consumption. It works best as part of post-workout supplementation, and is mainly used in this way.

1. before the workout – in this case carbo provides energy necessary to complete the workout

2. during the workout – in this form the product will continuously replenish glycogen that is used during long and exhausting sessions at the gym.

3. after the workout – as part of post-workout supplementation designed to provide valuable components for more effective regeneration. In this case, carbo will rebuild the energy deposits consumed during exercise and effectively prevent the effects of harmful catabolism.


Carbo is a supplement consisting mainly of carbohydrates. Its main purpose is to provide energy quickly, which can be used during intensive workouts or as a good means of recovery after exercise.

It is worth adding that it is one of the dietary supplements designed for every active person. Carbo can be used in various sports disciplines, and it is not (as is erroneously assumed) a product targeted only at strength sports.

ALLNUTRITION CARBO MULTI MAX is a complex of carbohydrates, designed to provide the body with even and constant supplies of essential energy. This is ensured by the use in Carbo Multi Max of carbohydrates with diversified absorption times, starting with quickly absorbed dextrose, and ending with gradually absorbed hydrolysed corn starch..

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