5% Nutrition Drink Sleep Grow Night Time Aminos 450g Powder

Night-time recovery formula

  •     Increased muscle protein synthesis
  •     Lets you train harder by recovering faster
  •     Comprehensive blend of BCAA’s, EAA’s and GH elevators


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You’re already sipping BCAA’s All Day, but are you keeping your muscles flooded with nutrients while you sleep? We all know the recipe for success in the gym: eat right, train hard, rest, and repeat. We also know that no matter how hard you train, your results will always come down to how well you fuel your muscles during the rebuilding and repair process. The 5% Rundown To keep growing in and out of the gym, you need to rest as hard as you train. Drink Sleep Grow is formulated with amino acids, time released leucine and joint support to promote muscle building while recovering from the most intense training sessions. Train All Day. Grow All Night. Rich Piana’s Drink Sleep Grow Aminos are a unique blend ideal for any athlete to maximise their muscle building potential. If you’re training hard and training often then your recovery between sessions is going to be essential to making long term progress – you can’t take your chances on this one! Use BCCAs to supplement your balanced diet and training plan to build and maintain more lean muscle mass.

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