• Optimal post-workout regeneration
  • Supports physical performance
  • Effective muscle pump
  • Nitric oxide precursor (NO)
  • Anti-catabolic effect


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MZ AAKG is a dietary supplement containing arginine alpha-ketoglutarate. The powdered form of the supplement facilitates easy dose adjustment to the individual needs.

AAKG, or L-arginine alpha-ketoglutarate, is a salt of glutaric acid and L-arginine in a 1:2 ratio. As compared to free L-arginine, this combination guarantees high stability and efficiency.

L-Arginine is a relatively exogenous amino acid, i.e. it is synthesized by the body in certain amounts, however, it’s also important to deliver it with diet.

Arginine is necessary for the proper metabolism of the human body. For example, it participates in the synthesis of proteins and in the urea cycle, which is responsible for the removal of toxic ammonia from the body. The main effect of arginine, which makes many people start supplementing it, is the increase of nitric oxide (NO) synthesis.

A precursor to nitric oxide that is responsible for the muscle pump
Arginine is a precursor for the synthesis of NO that performs various functions in the body. It reduces tension in blood vessels, leading to their expansion. This provides the effect of a muscle pump, i.e. increased blood supply and muscle volume. In addition to visual aspects, this is a desirable phenomenon due to better nutrition of working muscles with the nutrients necessary for their development and regeneration.

Other health-promoting properties
Endogenous NO synthesis depends on the availability of arginine. The correct level of NO in the body, by affecting blood vessel tone, is important for regulating blood pressure. Age-related decrease in NO synthesis may contribute to the development of cardiovascular dysfunction, such as hypertension and atherosclerosis.

Arginine, as a precursor of NO, may also be helpful in erectile dysfunction. It shows a positive direct effect on sexual performance, by contributing to the improvement of the blood supply to the genitals, as well as an indirect effect, through its positive effect on the overall efficiency of the body.

To sum up, MZ AAKG is a perfectly absorbable, stable form of L-arginine, aimed at supporting proper nutrition and muscle regeneration. The product is recommended for physically active people, especially those who practice strength sports.

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